Saturday Night Gala Paid
Bill Fleenor
Gayle Clute and Marilyn
Mark and Poe (Yeend) Perry
Kim Crumpacker
Paul Eagon
Dan Furguason
Scott and Debbie (Pringle) Mohrland
Ray Williams
Roger Russell and Julia
Jane Sporleder
Chele Smith Guess
Gregg Loney and Jamie
Dana Sparger Jones and Allen
Mirjana Roska Martonick
Larry Jantz
Cathy Heacock Carkner
Tom Angotti and Cindy
Dave Hartzheim and Gina
Sandra Buckland Oldridge
Greg Wendler
Steve Martin and Nancy
Wray Chase Raleigh and Bill
Tom Reid and Wife
Colleen Freeman Kassa
Dave March
Jeanne Parker
Larry Harding and Victoria
Steve Aycock
Gina McKay Freuen
Merwin Kentch and Vicki
Rhonda Boolen Hicks and Roxie
Kathy Perkins Fischer and John
Sheryl Cope Shepherdson
Mark Thompson and Greg Bristow
Kathy Brown Rohde and Peter
Mary Metastasio
Lewis Martuscelli and Cindi Kralman Martuscelli
Marisa Atkinson Moore
Candy Phares Jones
Brooks Hull and Annette Lozon
Judy Keith Houchin and David
Becki Holm Hoffman
Ruth Hunt Morris
Terri Lauterbach Cotts and James
Larry Stirling and Angela
Linda Hickman Harris
Lesley Brown McClanahan and Mike
Susan Sornson Cross and Steve
Andrew and Anne Taggert Bateman
John and Cherie Briggs
Rick Collins
Susan Freepons Eisenhower
John and Deni Moore
Dennis Munger and Loretta
Lynn Cheatham Della and John Stockert
Mary Parsons Meyer
Patty Perry
Merilee and Wayne Fouts Magee
Joe and Rose Kinney
Jim Norton and Judy Bircher
Merwin and Vicki Kentch
Regina McKay Freuen
Patty Richardson Board
Mike Hays and Nola
Dan Bailey
Eric and Deanne Dewitt Freise
Susan Taylor Bitter and Robert
Loren and Patty Christenson VanBuskirk
Dave Schmaltz and Amy Schawb
Bertie Pena VanDyke
Susan Taylor Bitter and Robert
Suzanne Steel and Kurt Koepke
John Dietrich and Merrilee
Margaret (Chris) Hunter Hebdon
Mary Lynn McDonald Thompson and Mark
Dianna Dahl Ellis
Kathy Pascoe Read and Rick
Pam Casey O'Shaughnessy and Debra Casey
John and Susan Craddock Hellstrum
Marcia Follett
Nancy Thomas McClenny-Walters
Judy Higginbotham Chacon
Mary Eichhorn Loyd
Guy Cook
Margie Rushlow Myers and John
Merridy Edington Buttice
Karla Schiffman Stecker and Sid

Guest RSVP'd
Nola Allen (hays)
Dave Arland
Diana Arland
Daniel Bailey
Andrew Bateman
Eleanor Beard (quick)
Susan M. Beechinor (duncan)
Steven Board (board)
Rhonda Boolen (hicks)
Roxi Boolen (boolen)
Kathy Brown (rohde)
Lynn Cheatham (della)
Margaret C. Chris Hunter (hebdon)
Rick Collins
Guy Cook
James Cotts
Judy Craddock (johnson)
Susan Craddock (hellstrom)
Deanne Dewitt (dewitt Freise)
John Dietrich
Merrilee Dietrich
John Fischer
Marcia Follett (follett)
Susan Freepons (eisenhower)
Eric Freise
Ron Gawith
Ron Hankinson
Kathy Hart (thomas)
Mike Hays
John Hellstrom
Linda Hickman (harris)
Rebecca Holm (hoffman)
David Houchin
Chris Hoy
Robert Hoy
Brooks Hull
Steve John
Craig Johnson
Dave Johnson
Connie Jordan (hackworth)
Judy Keith (houchin)
Steve Kelty
Joe Kinney
Rose Kinney
Carolyn Knowles (madson)
Kurt Koepke
Debbie Lasater (johnson)
Terri Lauterbach (lauterbach-cotts)
Karen Long (dobbins)
Annette Lozon
Andy Madson
Lana Mason (spurlock)
Mary Lynn Mcdonald (thompson)
Deni Moore
John Moore
John Myers
Darlene Norris (cook)
Jim Norton
Mary Parsons (meyer)
Bertie Pena (van Dyke)
Kathy Perkins
Patty Perry (perry)
Les Peterson
Patty Richardson (board)
Peter Rohde
Margie Rushlow (myers)
Karla Schiffman (stecker)
Chele Smith (guess)
John (jr) Smith
Karen Smith
Richard Spurlock
Sid Stecker
Suzanne Steel (steel)
John Stockert
Anne Taggart (bateman)
Mark Thompson
Linda Weiss
Total 78